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         "Justin Hatt is a multi-genre guitarist from Lansing, Michigan. Although his roots are in Pop, and Rock music during his time in high school is where his interest in classical and jazz guitar developed.


Through studying with Elden Kelly during his high school years Justin found himself adequately prepared to pursue music in college. During his time in undergraduate studies, Justin had the opportunity to work alongside the guidance of guitarist Christopher Rollins because of this Justin has an Associates Degree in Music from Lansing Community College (Lansing, MI), and a Bachelors Degree in Music from Olivet College (Olivet, MI).


Justin also just recently completed his Master's degree in Classical Guitar Performance from Eastern Michigan University's  School of Music (Ypsilanti, MI). There he studied under the guidance of Dr. Nelson Amos, and Professor Jonathan Edwards.  


Upon graduation from Eastern Michigan's School of Music and Dance Justin was accepted into Wayne State University's College of Music where he is pursing a second Master's in Jazz guitar performance. 

Justin maintains a busy performance schedule often appearing as solo artist for a plethora of events including solo guitar gigs, church services, weddings, dinner parties, restaurants, recitals, chamber works, and more. Justin also often performs with live band groups, and jazz combos including the Lansing Community College Jazz Band, and Eastern Michigan Jazz combo. 


Justin is also a busy educator; he has taught at several different institutions. He currently teaches at The Roth Academy of Music (Grand Ledge, MI)  and Michigan's Music Academy (Plymouth, MI) as well as maintaining his own private studio. Justin's teaching style includes demystifying music theory, as well as instilling in his students the importance of learning theory. Justin aspires to teach music in a way that helps each student to their    individual goals and needs.  "I want each of my students to leave a lesson with something they didn't have before they walked in. Whether that's a new scale, approach, or concept. I want my students to get as much enjoyment out of music as I do."

You can book lessons with Justin through email. Justin offers in person, or virtual lessons for Guitar (any styles), and Ukulele 


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''A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere''

-Benjamin Gibbard

''Lean your body forward slightly to support the guitar against your chest, for the poetry of the music should

resound in your heart''

-Andrés Segovia

''Without music, life would be a mistake''

-Friedrich Nietzsche

''Music is... A higher revelation than all Wisdom and Philosophy''

-Ludwig Van Beethoven


Mission Statement

"My mission as a musician is to enlighten the world on how magical and inspiring music can be. Furthermore, I'd like to showcase just how organic of an experience not only playing, but creating music can be. Overall, when I play music, I want to inspire all individuals around me and evoke the purest of all human emotion. Music has truly been a blessing to my life, and I want to instill that same blessing unto others". 


Additional Information

 Able to play:

  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Electric Guitar

  • Ukulele

  • Bass

  • Piano/keyboard

Able to perform a wide variety of genres, including but not limited to:

  • Classical

  • Jazz

  • Rock

  • Funk

  • R&B

Proficient in:

  • Finger Picking

  • Flat Picking

  • Solo Work

  • Ensemble Work

  • Arranging

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